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Nickomo & Rasullah Clarke
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Nickomo and Rasullah Clarke are both experienced workshop leaders of Voice and Song, sharing an interest in the diversity of global harmony and singing styles. 

Nickomo is a musician, singer, composer and choir leader and has become particularly well known for his Harmonic Temple pieces.  He arranges a lot of material for choirs and has produced a number of books of music and CDs.

Rasullah has been a Dances of Universal Peace teacher since 1987 and this has made her aware of the way people from all spiritual traditions of the world use song to touch in with their deepest selves for prayer, praise and healing.  Rasullah is an astrologer and sees clients for personal consultations as well as teaching classes on astrology.

Browse the website for details about our workshops and events or to find out more about us, and get in touch if you have any queries. 

 Recent Products  ~  Books, CDs & Downloads
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Digital downloads are now available for many publications:
    * Harmonic Temple:   workdiscs as mp3s of parts for 8,
               scores as set of pdfs for 6  - and performance CDs as mp3s for 8.
    * Unicorn Songbooks at 6 for a set of individual scores as Adobe pdf documents,
    * Songs for Choirs - packages comprising parts as mp3s and books as Adobe pdf,
    * Songs from South Africa at 8 for parts as mp3s and 6 for book as Adobe pdf,

see our order page for more details. 


Pop Song Arrangements are also now available by digital download:

Arrangements of over 80 individual pop songs are now available online through Dropbox!  
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for an invitation to the Pop Arrangements Samples box where all is explained!!
New Unicorn Village Songbook Volume 2  -  2016 - 2018 Wisdom of Serpent ~ Celtic Blessings Shower of Beauty The New Unicorn Village Songbook (Volume 1)  -  2013 - 2015
New Unicorn Village Songbook 
Volume 2  -  2016-2018

package of scores, demos & parts - hardcopy or download
Wisdom of Serpent
Celtic Blessings 2019

CD (performance) & book -
also available as download package.
Shower of Beauty
Harmonic Temple 2017

CD, Workdisc & Book - 
also available as downloads
New Unicorn Village Songbook  2013-2015
package of scores, demos & parts as either hardcopy or download
Sing to the Land Music for Circle Dance - click for info. Heart to Heart - click for more info. Uncle Plum's Cornucopian Compendium
Sing to the Land
more original songs for choirs
Book & double workdisc CDs
also as downloads
Music for Circle Dance
NEW 2014 edition 
revised Book with 140 tunes
Heart to Heart
Harmonic Temple 2013

CD, Workdisc & Book - 
also available as downloads
Uncle Plum's Cornucopian Compendium
Book & triple workdisc CDs
or set of downloads
Voice of Healing - click for info. Sacred Earth - click for more info. Sing to the Land Change the Dream
Voice of Healing
Harmonic Temple

Performance CD or download. Suitable as ambient sound for therapeutic sessions.
Sacred Earth
Harmonic Temple 2009

CD, Workdisc & Book - 
also available as downloads
Sing to the Land
original songs for choirs
book & double workdisc CDs
also available as downloads.
Change the Dream
Original songs for choirs
book & double workdisc CDs
also available as downloads.


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