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If you wish to buy books, CDs or downloads visit the orders page.  Click on the thumbnail pictures for more details on each item, and click to view pdf brochure of unicorn songbooks & downloads.
These books contain the pick of the songs from Unicorn Voice Camps - lots of World-Music, shorties and original songs by members of the Natural Voice Practitioners Network.  Click on the image for details about each book as a pdf.

Unicorn Natural Voice Songbooks volumes 1 to 5 comprise scores of selected short songs from Unicorn Voice Camps 1998 to 2012 available as hardcopy and dowloads.  The New Unicorn Village Songbook comes as a package - scores, demonstration recordings and mp3s of all the parts making them easy to learn.

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New Unicorn Songbook ~ book & two CDs The New Unicorn Village Songbook 
                2013 - 2015
Book & 2 CDs :
Download :
Original songs from the Unicorn Village Natural Voice Camps 2013 - 2015.
The New Unicorn Village Songbook is 28 songs with book, audio CD of the demos, and a CD ROM with all of the parts as mp3s, retailing at £25 hard-copy (book & 2 CDs), and £20 for download (pdf & mp3s). 
Audio samples of all the demonstrations - click on to hear mp3 files. 
Chorus from ĎEastí (Kirsty Martin) Chorus from ĎEastí (Kirsty Martin)
Dream Our Dream (Helen Yeomans) Dream Our Dream (Helen Yeomans)
Fat Cat (Helen Yeomans) Fat Cat (Helen Yeomans)
Flame (Susie Ro Prater) Flame (Susie Ro Prater)
Heart Beat (Nick Prater) Heart Beat (Nick Prater)
Heavenly Father (Alison Whittall) Heavenly Father (Alison Whittall)
I Wanna Be There (Pauline McWilliams) I Wanna Be There (Pauline McWilliams)
I Want to Sing as the Birds Sing (Esyllt Harker) I Want to Sing as the Birds Sing (Esyllt Harker)
†Iím Glad I Have Seen You (John Bowker) Iím Glad I Have Seen You (John Bowker)
Jerusalem (Helen Yeomans) Jerusalem (Helen Yeomans)
Just Sing! (Charlie Thomson) Just Sing! (Charlie Thomson)
Lay it Down (Nickomo) Lay it Down (Nickomo)
Lifted High in the Arms of Love (Alison Burns) Lifted High in the Arms of Love (Alison Burns)
Long Walk to Freedom (Nickomo) Long Walk to Freedom (Nickomo)
Look at the Sea (Alison Whittall) Look at the Sea (Alison Whittall)
Mojo (Helen Yeomans) Mojo (Helen Yeomans)
Mother Hear Me Calling (Janna Goodwille) Mother Hear Me Calling (Janna Goodwille)
One Heart (Alison Whittall) One Heart (Alison Whittall)
Open Your Heart (Nick Prater) Open Your Heart (Nick Prater)
Peace (Alison Whittall) Peace (Alison Whittall)
Rooted in My Love (Tarisha Seligman) Rooted in My Love (Tarisha Seligman)
Sing to the Land (Nickomo) Sing to the Land (Nickomo)
Until the World is Singing (Susie Ro Prater) Until the World is Singing (Susie Ro Prater)
Unto This Land (Helen Yeomans) Unto This Land (Helen Yeomans)
Veni Sancte Spiritus (John Bowker) Veni Sancte Spiritus (John Bowker)
Who Will You Be? (Dee Jarlett) Who Will You Be? (Dee Jarlett)
Wind the Clock (Nickomo) Wind the Clock (Nickomo)
With Every Breath (Nick Prater) With Every Breath (Nick Prater)
       Sopranos:  Emily Roblyn & Fiona Mills-Carlyon;     Altos:  Alison Whittall & Judith Silver; 
       Tenors:  Helen Yeomans & Roxane Smith;     Basses:  Nick Mills & Nickomo


Unicorn Songbook Volume 5 (2010 - 2012) Unicorn Natural Voice Camp Songbook
Volume 5 (2010-2012).
Book :
Download :
£8 each
£6 each
Bello Bello / Break Ďem Down / Change Will Come / Comes the Singing / Deep Peace / Feel Your Love / Get Away Jordan / Hamba Kancane / I See You / Jikalele / Kyrie Maya / Let Freedom Ring / Let it Grow / Life Loves Life / Live in Peace / Maliswe / Meliť / Motherland / Now All The Woods / Occupy! / River River / The Arms of Love / The Last Time / The Love You Bring / We Are the Flow / We Belong to the Goddess / What a Wonderful Thing / Zidele Amathambo

Unicorn Songbook Volume 4 (2007 - 2009)

Unicorn Natural Voice Camp Songbook
Volume 4 (2007-2009).
Book :
Download :
Amen Amen / Baba Wambinguni / Bamba Lela / Begin it! / Bobangi / Boyeewiye / Bring Out Your Voices / Cha Cha Cha / Every Voice Shall Sing / Hallelujah / I Want to be Ready / I'll Fly Away / Idonga Se Jeriko / Imaweni / Light of Stars / Lucumi Chant / Malabulabu / Mathine Woi Woi / Mbuti Blessing Chant / My Change Will Come / Nardanina / Navajo Prayer / Ola Mama / Om Namo Narayanaya / Rhythm and Syncopation / Samba Chill / Sanctum Te / Sanctus / Sing It! / Sunshine / Fire and Rain / Take One Step / Tender / Tender Heart / Voro Voro / We Got All the Love / Ye Inde Me

Unicorn Songbook Volume 3 (2004 - 2006)

Unicorn Natural Voice Camp Songbook
Volume 3 (2004-2006).
Book :
Download :
A Ke Tamarua / Amarabo / Baba Lagumbala / Bedzan Blessing Chant / Bekoma / Bele Mama / Build a House in Paradise / Come and Go to that Land / Da Pacem Domine / Donít Stop that Crazy Rhythm / Everytime I Feel the Spirit / Heaven in my Heart / Heio / Humming Round / Iavnana / Kyiame / Ladumíizulu / Let the Lovelight / Lo Yisa Goy / Love What Is / My Mother Sang / Nanila / Now - The Beginning is Now / Peace in Our Time / Pearl & Dean / Plovi Barko / Rolihlahla Mandela / So Bambo / Sometimes in the City / Suale / Welcome to Heaven / Yonder Come Day

Unicorn Songbook Volume 2 (2001 - 2003)

Unicorn Natural Voice Camp Songbook
Volume 2 (2001-2003).
Book :
Download :
A Yele Mama / Aint Gonna Let Nobody Turn / Me Around / Amazing Grace / Baby Just Cares for Me / Come to the River / Davidís Song / Do Be Do / Done Made My Vow to the Lord / E Malama / Freedomís Coming / Gently Let the Eveningís Peace / I Wanna Sing Low / Imohokio / In the Kitchen / Kancho / Khukude Wema / Learning to Walk Alone / Mano Muma / More Sokol Pie / Nil Sin La / Noyana / Nyaringbo / Peace to You of the Flowing Air / Pura Mame / Remember Me / Ring the Living Bell / Shake the Devil Off / Smoothly Round / Teften Kate / The Voice of the Bard / Troubles Behind / We Will Meet in Peace / Welcome / Where Shall I Be? / Zungo

Unicorn Songbook Volume 1 (1998 - 2000)

Unicorn Natural Voice Camp Songbook
Volume 1 (1998-2000).
Book :
Download :
Aleluya / All Will Be Well / Alunde / Ama Ibu Owieh / Awayo / Bonke Bazalizwa / Ngimoya / Epo I Tai Tai e / Famba Naye / Get On Board / Halle Halle Halle / Hambani Gahle / I Woke Up This Morning with the Sun in my Heart / Imela / In Beauty May I Walk / Isileyi Sam / Jesus Walked That Lonesome Valley / Kayre / Let the Sunshine in / Moving With the Rhythm of My Being / My Eyes are Opened / Nisa Nisa / O Nkosi Jesu / O Seo Seo / Oonomothotholo / Pulengwee / Salaleo / Shine On me / Somagwaza / Sponono / Tebe Piom / Tenjiwe / Terre Rouge / The Tide Flows / Thou Wast O God / Tomorrow is Another Day / Tongo / Tuweh Tuweh / Why Not Go Forward Singing? / Ye Ye Abrigade-o / Yonana / Youíre Welcome / Zu Arende
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